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ACUPUNCTURE for wellbeing at Rochester Lodge Consulting

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is part of a system of treatments known as Traditional Chinese Medicine which date back thousands of years.   Practitioners treat by inserting fine needles into ‘points’ which are located on ‘channels’ or ‘meridians’ along which energy or ‘Qi’ flows.

How Do Traditional Acupuncturists Treat?

At Rochester Lodge Consulting we focus on treating the person not the condition.  Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a system of diagnosis based on the Five Elements and Eight Principles. This system of diagnosis is very different to Western medicine. Acupuncture is concerned with restoring the balance of Yin and Yang to return normal functioning of the ‘vital substances’ which are Qi (energy), Jing (constitution) Blood (which nourishes the body), Jin Ye (body fluids) and Shen (your spirit or wellbeing) according to Chinese philosophy,


Ian Pitt D.O. Lic. Ac. – TCM Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Ian has a Licentiate in TCM Acupuncture and qualified in 1994 in London. Ian uses TCM diagnosis but also has the benefit of being able to look at your health from an osteopathic point of view.  Ian treats a wide variety of conditions and uses acupuncture effectively to treat musculoskeletal related pain.

Tessa Pitt BSc (Hons) - Auricular and Microsystems Acupuncture

Tessa trained in London at the Yuan Traditional Medicine College in Auricular Acupuncture (Master Class). This course is accredited by the Ear Acupuncture Register and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

Small, comfortable needles are applied to points which relate to parts of the body. Points are located using an ear map and by scanning the active points.  Ear and Microsystems Acupuncture has been used to support patients in the treatment of stress related disorders, general wellbeing, detoxification programmes, pain management and anxiety.  

Current research into auricular acupuncture is being undertaken into hypertension and other results have shown positive effects on cessation of smoking. 

It is known that the ears have a very high density of nerve fibres and the theory of micro-system acupuncture is that the ear represents the whole body (based on the somatotopic homunculus of the cerebral hemisphere) and its relationship to body parts.

Medical Acupuncture

Ian Pitt, Lisa Young use dry needling in practice.  Tessa is training in Medical Acupuncture.