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Foot Health Care at Rochester Lodge Consulting

Why not join our growing list of Foot Health Care Patients? 

We have wonderful facilities for caring for your feet. Comfortable hydraulic couches which enable patients to alight safely, full autoclave sterilising facilities for your peace of mind, the opportunity to relax and listen to music whilst having your feet treated, home visits are also available.

With our patient focussed approach and thorough, caring practitioners you know you will also have the opportunity to discuss any worries you may have about your foot care.

Each patient is treated individually but a typical foot health care treatment may include:

  • Assessment of the feet and discussion of the patients concerns
  • Feet are cleansed and disinfected
  • Nails are burred, trimmed and filed
  • Specific nail problems addressed
  • Callus and corns are debrided using autoclaved instruments
  • Dry/rough skin on feet and heels smoothed using appropriate equipment
  • Nourishing foot cream is applied with massage
  • Aftercare advice is given


Therefore we are able to treat the following routine foot conditions and also provide professional advice on the following:

  • Calluses and hard skin
  • Corns 
  • Fungal nail infections 
  • Ingrown toenails 
  • Nail filing and trimming
  • Hard skin and cracked heels 
  • Foot pain and foot posture problems (Ian Pitt, Osteopath)
  • Custom made orthotics using various systems

Warts and Veruccae can be treated (using Advanced Electrolysis to cauterise and dessicate the verucca/wart) this has proven highly effective when combined with regular debriding. These can be treated regardless of size. Please ask for Tessa for this particular treatment.

Before and after photographs of verucca treatment. This patient has had two sessions of electrolysis with callus removal and healing time in between treatments.

Ian and Tessa are both fully qualified and fully insured Foot Health Practitioners having completed post-graduate courses in Foot Health Practice.