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Ian Pitt

Ian Pitt - Registered Osteopath 

Ian has been practising Osteopathy since 1984 following his training at the British School of Osteopathy in London and has been a qualified Acupuncturist since 1994, along with a keen interest in foot biomechanics and general foot health, Ian is also a qualified Foot Healthcare Practitioner which enables him to give a complete service to patients.

What can you expect during your treatment with Ian?

During your first appointment a medical case history will be taken, your pain will be examined and you will be given a diagnosis, followed by treatment. Various standard orthopaedic/neurological tests can be used to diagnose your problem. 

Ian treats using traditional osteopathic techniques along with modalities such as electrotherapy  (ultrasound, laser and interferential) as well as acupuncture, depending on the presenting condition. Advice and education on prevention are given along with exercises if needed.

Your case will be discussed thoroughly with you, and you may require more than one treatment depending on the diagnosis. If Ian feels that  he is not able to help you, or that you need an X-ray/MRI scan or consultation with a relevant practitioner, such as your GP, orthopaedic or neurosurgeon, the relevant arrangements can be made through the clinic, if you so wish.